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Meet Chris

Local Marketing Planet Founder & Local Business Owner

Chris McClurg is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of multiple successful B2B and B2C brands.  In 2018, Chris left his corporate job to pursue his dream of launching and scaling his own business.

Before then, Chris held various sales, marketing, and operations roles with Fortune 500 brands like 3M,Xerox, and AbbVie.  He has worked on marketing programs with brands like Ford, Major League Baseball, NFL, Google, Nascar, and McDonalds. 

His companies have been showcased across 100's of websites and he has been a guest speaker for LinkedIn on the effectiveness of his marketing campaigns

"I understand the struggle of local business owners...I feel it everyday!  I wish I had someone to help me that was actually doing it, not just teaching it."

Local Marketing Planet is here to share best practices, tools, and training to to help local businesses launch and scale without the spending endless hours  on finding what works or tons of money on strategies that don't get results. Chris has experienced the ups and downs of starting a business.  He has learned from his failures and developed success brands that do millions in annual revenue to this day....including his own!

Chris and his team are ready to share...